The strong bonds of fellowship

“I myself am convinced…that you yourselves are full of goodness” That’s what I want to testify to today. I believe our brothers and sisters in Christ are “full of goodness”. I believe they want the best for each other and serve each other out of sincere hearts. That’s what my eyes have observed today. This world and all its miseries can weigh a person down, but I’m encouraged by the love I see in the family of God.

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Who can accuse the chosen?

If you’re a Christian, you are Chosen! But even though you are chosen, you have an adversary – Satan. He will accuse you and tell you God doesn’t love you because you have sinned. But here this verse asks us a rhetorical question. “Who will bring any charge against those whom God has chosen”? It is not Satan that has chosen us or justified us, but it is God who chose us, and “it is God who justifies”. The one who has the right to condemn you has justified you – made you clean and whole in his eyes.

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A Great Promise

Life can appear haphazard and even meaningless when looked at from a human’s point of view. We need to see things from God’s perspective. We need to put a divine frame around our lives to give it shape and meaning. Here in Romans 8:28, we have perhaps the greatest verse within the greatest chapter of the Bible. It’s a promise. It’s a promise, that if taken to heart, will bring sound sleep to your eyelids even in such chaotic times.

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A New You!

There were more than 700,000 suicide deaths in 2023 alone. People are tired of living. They long for something new but can’t find it. God has an answer for people who are tired of living. The Bible talks about being “born again”, or being born of the Spirit. We were born once physically but we need new birth so that our spirits come alive. Once you are born of God, you become spiritually alive – you become a “new creation” in Christ. Jesus said “You should not be surprised at my saying, ‘You must be born again.” (John 3:7) Do you long for a new life? Jesus Christ can give it to you.

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