Communists alienate families

This is an eye-opening interview on how people just disappear in China and how the CCP will try to alienate you from your family. Kind of like how the Communist government of Vietnam is responsible for alienating a father from his child over money. Oh no, I’m not talking about me – I don’t have children.

China Inc is good for about 4 people

A few people are getting rich in China but everyone else suffers. Lost jobs. Stolen technology and lost profits leave lives ruined just so a few people can get rich. China likes to say they will not accept an “unequal” trade deal. Well China has been exploiting the US’s economy for decades. China is playing the long game, and U.S. companies are playing the stupid short-term profit game. Slowly but surely we all lose. China doesn’t want ‘peaceful coexistence’, they don’t believe they can ‘coexist’ with the US which they see as holding them back from achieving their China dream.

China is bad for your business

Finally, Apple and other companies are realizing that China is an unfavorable business climate to foreign companies. But companies aren’t moving fast enough. What will happen when we go to war over Taiwan – something experts predict is just a question of “when” not “if”?

Stealing America

China has been engaged in “theft on a scale so massive that it represents one of the largest transfers of wealth in human history” – Christopher Wray, Director FBI

It’s true that not all Chinese nationals are spies, but certainly, most industrial spies are coming out of China.